Guerrilla Girls Today

So, any lover of Art remembers days when you thought you were learning about the coolest thing ever. I just not love art but also the way artists thought. They were and are clever but they looked so cool. I went to Emory University and my professors were amazing. The classes were slides of carefully… Continue reading Guerrilla Girls Today


5 Artists I Wish Would Use Twitter

1. Glenn Ligon Glenn's works are a wonder. I would like to hear his thoughts. He is clearly moved by the written word. I'd  like to hear the text, thoughts, literature and ideas that he considers. 2. Arlene Shechet A ceramic artist, we see the final work but to hear her progress, her inspirations, and see snapshots… Continue reading 5 Artists I Wish Would Use Twitter

5 Twitter Accounts Any Fine Arts Lover Must Follow

I adore reading about and seeing art. Interestingly, not many artists or institutions are using twitter in an effective way. Some artists post how much their artwork sells for and others blurt out their every thought (at least the ones they want publicized). I like hearing something better than nothing I am just surprised an artist… Continue reading 5 Twitter Accounts Any Fine Arts Lover Must Follow

4 Art Outings for Fall of 2016

It's Fall and time for day trips that allow for a little outdoor and indoor time, even better, to a place that lets you see the trees changing colors. 1. Harvard Museum of Natural History If you have never been to Harvard's Museum of Natural History, you must go. It's an old time time of… Continue reading 4 Art Outings for Fall of 2016

The Gallery as Community Center – 4 examples

Galleries as Community Centers. Galleries are now a destination and offer more than art but a place to learn, talk, discuss, and observe.