5 Movies about Art or Artists Netflix Should Stream and Keep Streaming

There are “Art” movies about “Art” or the “Art world” that would appeal to a lot of people. Watch a movie, what a great way to learn! Netflix has a small collection of movies about art and artists, but I do think a larger offering would allow more people to understand art. A lot of artists are difficult to understand just by their artwork or one piece of their artwork. The films allow a person to understand their artistic endeavors.

1. Christo and Jean Claude 5 films – Valley Curtain, Running Fence, Islands, Christo in Paris, and Umbrellas


Projects as large scale and crazy sounding as the works executed by Christo and Jean Claude need an explanation for a lot of people. The movies show the conception of the ideas, the minutia of the logistics and the reception of the completed works.

For more about Christo and Jean Claude’s films:

NPR coverage

Films for sale on Amazon

2.Alice Neel documentary


Still one of the most undervalued artists, Alice Neel is an exceptional artist and her life story further informs anyone’s understanding of her artwork. Her paintbrush was an extension of her, a limb. Her portraits are electrifying and unusual in their ability to capture the sitter’s energy and personality.

More about Alice Neel on Artsy



A short lived artist whose rags to riches story is meteoric. As an example of a person whose background did not predict such fame or talent, the story and artwork is thrilling to watch.

More about Basquiat on Artsy

4.Marina Abramovich “The Artist is Present”


Marina is perhaps the artist on this list that is most difficult to understand. The movie shows her life story through the storyline of an art exhibit opening at MOMA. It’s hard not to be moved by her tenacity and physical strength.

More about Marina on Artnet


Her website

5.The Art of the Steal


Who thinks the art world is full of pretty people and pretty pictures. Not the case! The well organized and researched movie how one person’s vision becomes transformed by those with an alternate agenda. Was it realistic to think a person’s art collection could survive forever as the collector wanted? That’s for you to judge.


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