Why The 5 Most Iconic Works of Art Are Iconic


Why do certain pictures resonate? Birth of Venus, Mona Lisa, Soup Cans, American Gothic, and The Scream. Beauty? Mystery? Scarcity? Someone else told them it was good?

Mostly, these images become recognizable because they were circulated. They were either appropriated and used in print ads such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus or Wood’s American Gothic. In other cases, such as The Mona Lisa and The Scream, the artworks were stolen at one point so newspaper articles circulated the picture drawing attention to the work. The press essentially made the picture, a brand. These pictures are known just as one recognizes Coca Cola red and white markings or Nike’s Swoosh. The images were so widely circulated that they become a symbol.



2 thoughts on “Why The 5 Most Iconic Works of Art Are Iconic”

  1. the best photo you can take at the Louvre is a shot of everyone who is trying to take a picture of the Mona Lisa. it’s a sea of heads and backs


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